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CAPCE Accreditation

Rykerr Medical LLC is accredited to offer Continuing Education (CE) to EMS folks in the US by the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE).  More specifically, our Program is designed to offer Participants credit for various projects in a sort of "create your own CE adventure" through what is known as the F4 category in the CAPCE Accreditation Manual.  Per said manual, "F4 denotes a course wherein the user/student interacts with the activity in such a way that their actions and choices dictate the direction of the activity or case."  By way of a rigorous application and a comprehensive program design, Rykerr Medical LLC has created a mechanism by which EMS clinicians can earn credit towards renewing certifications by taking part in content development or goal-directed collaboration.

A General Overview

Rykerr Medical LLC and this webpage serve as the platform for content that Participants create.  You pitch us with an idea, we let you know how many hours of credit said idea would earn, then we all work together to make it happen.  And we leave money out of it - this is an absolutely free service.  The broad-level offerings include:


Podcast - create an episode for the Rykerr Medical Podcast

Blog - write a post for the Rykerr Medical Blog

Mentorship - design a program to help a fellow clinician

Annotated Illustration - create an original work of art that simultaneously offers a lesson to other providers

Reflection - describe lessons learned from you own experience*

Critique - offer professional feedback to others*

Instructional Design - develop a course or lesson to share with others

(*may be a written narrative, audio recording or video)

Whatever it is you decide to create will then be shared with others in the EMS community by Rykerr Medical LLC.

How It Works

1.  Read up on the various CAPCE Activities we offer 

2.  Submit an Activity Application

3.  Correspond with the Rykerr Medical team on the specifics

3.  Make it happen, get feedback, earn the CE hours

4.  Share with all of your friends

The Nitty Gritty

Concept Overview - short document that was included in our initial pitch, sort of explains what we're trying to do with this whole idea

Rules & Regulations - outlines how the program works on the back end; a useful resource for those who want to get involved or see what its all about!

Members - this page has info on the people who make this program happen; includes resumes and conflict of interest disclosures

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