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PodCast Activity

In the Podcast Activity you (and perhaps your friends too) get to create an episode for the Rykerr Medical Podcast.  You create the concept and do the raw audio recording, we'll offer feedback and guidance and then master it into a final product for presentation. 

Technical Details

Check Out the Podcast - Coming Soon!

Activity Application


Blog Activity


In the Blog Activity you get to create a post for the Rykerr Medical Blog.  You build out the idea and do the writing, we'll offer feedback and guidance and then share it with the world.


Technical Details

Check Out the Blog - Coming Soon!

Activity Application


Mentorship Activity

*** temporarily on hold until we figure our shit out, for now check out the other activities and stay in touch to see what we work out for this activity ***


Annotated Illustration Actiity

In the Annotated Illustration Activity you will create a work of art to expand on or identify a concept or theme relevant to EMS practice.  The final product should provide a relevant lesson for others.

Technical Details

See a Few Examples - Coming Soon!

Activity Application

Annotated Illustration

ReFlectIOn Activity

In the Reflection Activity you will look back on a formative experience you have been through in the EMS field and create content to share with others about what you learned from it all.  This can be a written narrative, audio recording, or video - take your pick.

Technical Details

Watch an Example - Coming Soon!

Activity Application

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Critique Activity

In the Critique Activity you review work by someone else and provide constructive feedback.  You can choose to review just about anything - books, academic works, papers, policies, etc.  Just keep in mind this isn't a mechanism for bullying, rather a way to share thoughts with others and help advance the industry.


Technical Details

Hear an Example - Coming Soon!

Activity Application


Instructional Design Activity

In the Instructional Design Activity you will build out a training program or teaching session for your peers with guidance form the Rykerr Medical crew.  From content development to design of an evaluation, we can help hone the skills needed to succeed in the teaching setting.

Technical Details

See an Example - Coming Soon!

Activity Application

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Instructonal Design
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