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SFCEBM Tutor Sesh Notes
Ryan & James

All listed here in chronological order:

Notes Seen in the Video that Ryan Made


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Rykerr Medical's Protocol and Cheatsheets Page

Field Reference Guide

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Placental abruption graphic by John Yanson, just sourced it on the googles

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Other graphic of placental bleed can be found on the WikiPedia, but comes from's WikiJournal page of all their graphics - they share it fo' free :)  []  [those guy's WikiJournal page]

Helping Mother's Survive Webpage

Helping Babies Survive Webpage

Charles, D., Anger, H., Dabash, R. et al. (2019).  Intramuscular injection, intravenous infusion, and intravenous bolus of oxytocin in the third stage of labor for prevention of postpartum hemorrhage: a three-arm randomized control trial. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth, 19 (38) doi:  [web]  [pdf]

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