ConEd Program Development

The short story: we had been granted accreditation to offer continuing education to EMS people through a new style of program, but that all got redacted and now we are working on it anew.  This page is your go to spot to contribute to the process and see how things are coming along.  We will eventually get all of this sorted and we appreciate your interest. As always and forever, let us know what you think and reach out if you'd like to lend a hand.

The Idea

This was our original pitch statement on it all: read all about it.  The plan was a free CE program where we could give credit to folks for contributing to the platform by developing content and/ or collaborating with the community.  That basic idea still holds true and we will figure out a way to make it happen, we just have some details to work out.  The new program will have a similar mechanism for participants to build content for credit, but also a way for end-users who consume that content to get credit by taking a quiz or test on the ideas presented.   


Current State of Affairs

May 2021: the website and this page have been updated per request from CAPCE, as our CE program no longer is considered legit and should not have been granted that status (per their most recent review, but we still think it is and will be pretty rad); also put some stuff up on the social media side and will do more of that soon; made this page to keep all the happenings in one spot


How You Can Help

Help Create Content: In order to submit our application anew, we need to build out examples of the activities we plan to offer CE credit for.  The working plan at the moment is to simplify things and have a few options for clinicians to get credit for building out CE concepts for others.  The process is slow-going and still under construction, but if you have thoughts on any of it just get in touch.

Help Us Build an LMS: We've also been tasked with setting up a mechanism by which we give credit to end-users for consuming whatever content we put out via the other part of the program.  This will require some sort of learning management system to manage this process, but we've got no idea how to make that happen.  So if you do and want to help, let us know!


Support the Concept as a Content Reviewer: The program is dependent on fine folks like you to review activity submissions and offer feedback/ guidance to participants.  If that sounds like something you'd be up for just let us know and we can discuss all the details.


Check out the Projects

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