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Quick Overview

We've started to put together a collection of notecards for different areas in the field: protocols, test prep, random subjects, etc.  The underlying idea is that simple apps can make it easy to take advantage of down time at work or dead legs on transfers or whatever.  We've also got some thoughts on how best to go about using these sorts of resources for your own self-study, so take a look (once we get it uploaded!) and let us know what you think and/ or what you'd like to see on the page.

Browse and Download the Notecards

Watch a Video on the Concept - Coming Soon!

Available cards

These all link to collections on Brainscape, a card management tool that is free to use.  We also use AnkiApp and recommend that for building your own - more on that to come.


AHA Things - simple review of ACLS and PALS facts that we should have in our brains when out there in the wild

CFRN/ FP-C Test Prep - for now it's just a set of cards we used in the past when studying to re-certify, we will eventually expand to include a full set of decks to fine-tune studying for the exams

NM EMS Medication Doses - cards to review drug doses out here in NM; got the EMT-Basic set up at the moment and will get others added soon

More to come someday...

And drop us a line if you have thoughts!

Available Cards
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