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Overview of the Thing

This page is just a repository of all the stuff we've put together on airway management.  We'll keep adding to it as we get things built out.  And if there's something specific you'd like to see, just let us know.

One-Human Bougie Techniques

Stylets and Bougies for Kiddos

Other References


One-Human Bougie Techniques

One of the reasons why folks aren't always super keen on bougie use is because the traditional technique requires two people: one to place the bougie during laryngoscopy and another to feed the tube over the bougie.  There are many solutions to this problem and these videos demonstrate and discuss just a few of them.

Abridged Version on Instagram

Detailed Video on YouTube - coming soon!

Pro/Con Chart- coming soon!


Stylets and Bougies for Kiddos

And then here's our deep dive into how the concepts discussed above apply to pediatric patients.  For now there's one video and all the associated back end stuff, there will be more later as we have time to make it happen.

"Stylets and Bougies for Kiddos" YouTube Video

Show Notes for "Stylets and Bougies for Kiddos"

Story Map and Drafts for the Nerds - coming soon!


Other References

This last bit here is just a collection of links to other places on this website/ to our stuff on the subject of airway management.  No need to repeat it all here, just follow the links and check it all out.

Airway Sizing Chart - know what devices to use for which patients

Vent Management Book - once you get the tube, we still gotta breath for them...

Podcast: Scripts Discussion with Richard - because checklists are important in airway management