The QR Code Thing

In the Vent Book we used QR codes to direct readers to all of the references and sources cited.  This is cool if you happen to print off a copy and can't be bothered to type in URLs to double check the stuff we've come up with.  Now you can just smartphone the QR codes and get in on a whole 'nuther level of study.

Now the process of putting that system together was a bit complicated, so we've put together a video to show you how to do the same for whatever project you might have in the works.  Take a look and let us know what you think. 


Note Cards for Self Study

Since way back when people have used note cards to study.  Now that all of us have smartphones, that concept has been adopted by a number of programmers and we're going to show you how two build card sets for self-study on two of those apps: AnkiApp and Brainscape.  We've also put together a number of card sets and will share those with you on either platform so you can see how it works.  The idea is that these short exercises in recall can help you hold on to important information in your brain so that when you need it, it's right there for the taking.

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