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Medication Guidelines

Open-Source (H)EMS Drug Guide

The document linked here was a draft of a formulary to accompany the Field Reference Guides we mentioned on the Protocols and Cheat Sheets page. Just to be clear, it was both an unfinished draft and specific to one agency (a Helicopter EMS program outside of the US).  That said, there's still good info there and we've shared it here for all.  In addition, we welcome any and all input on the Google Drive version linked here (see below for guidance).  Anyone can edit and comment, so feel free to contribute and we'll see where it takes us.

Drug Guide ToC

Contribute to the Drug Guide

Cardizem Guide
  • Access the editable file here via Google Drive

    • Edit by opening as GoogleDoc in a browser

    • Feel free to add notes, edit text and/ or leave comments (via the actual functon or as text at the bottom of the document)

  • Refer to the pdf version as needed (format is more readable)

  • Consider the following when reviewing:

    • Some identifying info from the original document was removed, we'll have to track down references to fill those gaps

    • Stuff in red was in the works and yet to be finished

    • Not all of the meds apply in all settings, let's add new things but leave the old ones in place just in case others want it

    • Some information still needs to be cited

  • We will periodically archive working versions and share them here

  • Let us know if you have anything else!

  • And feel free to share with your friends out there in the field

Next Steps

In addition to this idea of open-sourcing a drug guide for HEMS/ CCT clinicians, we are working on a drug guide better geared towards the EMT (Basic and Intermediate) crowd.  As we get that content developed we can share here incrementally until the final product is done.  We also hope to build content out for specific nursing fields someday.  For example, it'd be cool to have something like "meds used in mechanical ventilation" to review what we normally use in the ICU setting with vented patients.  Other thoughts would be austere/ wilderness formularies or mission-specific profiles.  Anyways, that's all in the works and we'll start with what we have here and see how it all goes.

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